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Welcome to Papa's
I love pugs and all things related to pugs.

My name is Jana Hall Papa, hence my pugs are Papa's Pugs. I am
dedicated to pug rescue and helping educate people about NOT
getting a puppy from a pet store, from a puppy mill, or a backyard
breeder. There are so many homeless and needy pugs and other
dogs that are just waiting for a loving family. I urge you to seek out
a purebred rescue, all breed rescue, or your local shelter to find a
loving companion.

I also enjoy going to AKC Conformation and Agility events.
It is so exhilarating to see pugs be all that they can be in different
facets of competition. If a pug is involved, then I'm there!
Responsible breeders are the reason we have the pure bred pug. If
you are looking to add a pug to your family, consult the P
ug Dog
Club of America
breeder referral list.

I love to take pictures of pugs and pug events. I have recently
upgraded my camera equipment and hope that I can capture the
funny expressions, antics, and comic relief that pugs afford us as
their owners.

On a side note, we have added a Chihuahua to our household so
look for photos and stories of Callie's antics.

Thanks for visiting my site.